icarusgabriel asked:

i can't right now i don't have a twitter so i don't normally see these things but seriously either people are being so ridiculously blind that they can't see that jensen's not comfortable with destiel OR they're aware he is AND THEY STILL DO IT. SERIOUSLY. EITHER WAY. TOTAL DICK MOVE GUYS. SHIP WHAT YOU PLEASE, IT'S ALL GOOD. BUT THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO EXPRESS. IT'S DISRESPECTFUL TO JENSEN, TO DANNEEL, TO ANYONE IT MIGHT INTERFERE WITH. sorry. rant over.

yall-mothafuckas-need-misha answered:

I totally agree with you, man. People are being fucking stupid.



Okay guys..

I saw a bunch of posts on here that Jensen was getting hate.. So I went on twitter.. And while I can confirm that a troll account that has since been deleted or removed that sent Danneel and Jensen hate.. That’s the only thing I’m seeing.. Well not even that anymore just Danneel’s…


awkward-fallen-angel asked:

I like your face